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Tribal Snake Multi-Size Temporary Tattoo Set

Tribal Snake Multi-Size Temporary Tattoo Set

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  • Tattoo Lasts 2-5 Days
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Size & Quantity

Each set includes 6 tattoos that are printed on a single A5 temporary tattoo sheet. The tattoos come in different sizes and are scaled to fit within a square area. Here is the breakdown of the number of tattoos for each size:

  • 3.5" x 3.5": 1 piece
  • 2.5" x 2.5": 1 piece
  • 1.8" x 1.8": 1 piece
  • 1.0" x 1.0": 3 pieces

Multi-Size Temporary Tattoo Sample

Shipping Details

We offer free international shipping via DHL from our headquarters in Hong Kong.

Shipping Time: 1 - 2 Weeks

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number once your order ships.

How To Apply

  1. Clean and dry the skin completely
  2. Cut around the tattoo without including the orange dashed lines
  3. Remove the transparent film and place the tattoo sticky side down on skin
  4. Rub and wet the tattoo completely with sponge
  5. Wait 30 seconds and peel the corner of the tattoo slowly

Tribal Snake Tattoo Meaning

The Meaning of Tribal Snake Tattoo

A tribal snake tattoo combines the symbolism of the snake with tribal art designs and patterns. In many cultures, snakes represent wisdom, renewal and healing.

Within tribal art styles, patterns often signify cultural traditions and connection to nature. So a tribal snake tattoo respects ancestral guidance while embracing new perspectives.

Some see shedding skin as a symbol of personal growth, making snakes emblems of constant change. Tribal designs express this change happening over generations in an organic way, just as wandering lines mimic crawling.

The tribal snake can also represent resilience, as snakes survive through flexibility. Its intricate coils are forever in movement yet hold together, reflecting inner strength and outer changeability.

Overall, this tattoo honors how spiritual insights and identity stretch and transform and evolve, yet remain intact, through ties to lineage, land and creatures like the snake seen across cultures.

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