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Traditional Japanese Snake Flower Multi-Size Temporary Tattoo Set

Traditional Japanese Snake Flower Multi-Size Temporary Tattoo Set

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  • Tattoo Lasts 2-5 Days
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Size & Quantity

Each set includes 6 tattoos that are printed on a single A5 temporary tattoo sheet. The tattoos come in different sizes and are scaled to fit within a square area. Here is the breakdown of the number of tattoos for each size:

  • 3.5" x 3.5": 1 piece
  • 2.5" x 2.5": 1 piece
  • 1.8" x 1.8": 1 piece
  • 1.0" x 1.0": 3 pieces

Multi-Size Temporary Tattoo Sample

Shipping Details

We offer free international shipping via DHL from our headquarters in Hong Kong.

Shipping Time: 1 - 2 Weeks

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number once your order ships.

How To Apply

  1. Clean and dry the skin completely
  2. Cut around the tattoo without including the orange dashed lines
  3. Remove the transparent film and place the tattoo sticky side down on skin
  4. Rub and wet the tattoo completely with sponge
  5. Wait 30 seconds and peel the corner of the tattoo slowly

Traditional Snake Tattoo Meaning

The Meaning of Traditional Snake Tattoo

A traditional snake tattoo features a stylized depiction of a snake. Snakes have long been a symbol of rebirth, wisdom, shedding old skin. This is because snakes are reptiles that shed their skin as they grow.

In a traditional snake tattoo, the snake is coiled with its scales detailed. Commonly used colors are greens, yellows, and browns to mimic realistic snake patterns. The snake may be inked asleep or rising up with its tongue flickering.

Some view the snake tattoo as representing life's constant changes and ability to transform smoothly. Others connect it to wisdom because snakes were thought to have knowledge from living long years. The tattoo can also symbolize power, stealth or new beginnings.

By getting a traditional snake design inked, people look to embrace qualities like regeneration, intelligence or intuition in their character. The detailed, realistic snake image makes for an eye-catching body art that carries meaningful symbolism from nature and various cultures.

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